Love Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1)

Love Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1)
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 Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1)

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FEATURED : Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1)

Very similar to the ones you see in physical therapy studios. Those ones run over $5000.

Simple Back and Forth Reciprocating Leg Movement drives through the hips to reduce knee shear.

When assembled it’s: 32″ Wide x 56″ Long. These ship on a pallet and are mostly assembled but some minor assembly is required ……………….PLEASE NOTE:

We cannot ship to Oregon addresses. If you live in Oregon and are interested in this, contact us and will get you to Oregon’s dealer

Price : $1,295.00

very good quality product Love Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1).